What You Need to Do After Suffering from a Burn Injury

Suffering from burns is very painful. You might have touched something really hot or the nature of your job is to deal with hot objects or fire. If you are not cautious or you have lost focus even for just a second, you could possibly end up with skin burns.

As soon as it happens, you need to think and act quickly before the problem worsens. The first thing to do is to stop the fire if you were in contact with a hot liquid or steam. This will prevent the injury from getting worse. If the flame has engulfed you, try to drop and roll just to smother the flames. You can also take your clothes off to prevent the flames from fully covering you. The same thing is true with your accessories like belt, watch and glasses.


Once the heat is finally gone, you can place your burnt skin under cool running water. You can also immerse it in water until the pain is gone. Let it stay that way for a while until the heat subsides. Protect the affected area with sterile and non-adhesive bandages. A clean cloth may also be used if you don’t have a bandage. Avoid using ointments, creams or other items you think could make the condition better.

Take a pain reliever

For sure, burns will cause extreme pain. This could happen over the next few days. To avoid feeling really bad, you should take pain relievers. There are over-the-counter medicines available that are easy for you to buy. Just take a tablet or two to ease the pain for now.

Seek medical attention

Of course, you need to see your doctor to check the problem. Don’t wait for days before heading to the doctor or else the wounds could be infected. Don’t forget to get a medical report. You can use this as evidence later if you decide to file burn injury claims.

Report the incident

The key in this scenario is to have the presence of mind. You need to be alert to prevent the injury from getting worse. You should also focus on writing an incident report on the same day unless it is too painful, and you have to be rushed to the hospital.

Get claims

When you have to file an accident at work claim in Gloucester, it is important that you have done a report on the incident or else you will be questioned why such claims were made when no report was given.

You should also seek legal assistance in this battle. It is not easy. It will help a lot if you have someone with you helping with the claim, especially if your employer denies you this right.

Image: Pixabay.com