Three Advantages of No Win, No Fee Arrangements with Lawyers

Even though they may have good cases, many people do not seek help from lawyers because they think that they cannot afford it. However, if they are filing claims for compensation because they’ve been injured in an accident or due to medical malpractice, then they may be able to get help without paying any up-front fees. Here are three advantages of hiring a “No Win, No Fee” solicitor when you need legal help.

No Up-Front Costs

If you hire a law firm that offers a No Win, No Fee service for filing claims and they lose the case, then you won’t need to pay them anything. They have taken your case promising to help you win so you are not obligated to pay any fees. However, if the firm does win the case, then they will charge for their services.

In addition, if your case is lost, then there may be costs that you will need to pay from the opposing side. They will have costs that were paid to defend their client and they will likely bill you for those costs. Fortunately, solicitors taking No Win, No Fee cases think that they have a good chance of winning or they wouldn’t take the case.

Better Chance of Success

Cases that are taken by lawyers on a No Win, No Fee basis usually have a high degree of success because they are careful in choosing the clients they represent. Before they take a case, solicitors discuss it with the potential client and do some initial research. Then, if they think that they can win the case and get paid for their services, they will take it.

Even if they turn down the case, you will not need to pay a consultation fee. Usually, the first initial consultation is free whether it was done in person or over the telephone. If they think that the case has potential, they may then meet with you face to face to discuss further details before deciding if they will take the case.

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Limit on Compensation

The law does allow solicitors to collect fees for their work if your case is won but the Legal Profession Act 2007 put an upper limit on how much solicitors can charge clients. Most cases handled by No Win, No Fee lawyers are subject to the “50/50” rule. Under this type of arrangement, a solicitor cannot charge a client more than 50% of the settlement amount.

The objective of the law is the help ensure that clients do not end up worse financially when they pursue personal injury claims. This rule applies to cases that include claims for personal injuries and no other types of cases. Even if you change law firms during the case, the 50/50 rule applies but there could be a dispute about which law firm gets the money.

It’s important to read the No Win, No Fee agreement that you enter with a law firm. Read it carefully to make sure that you’re not responsible for unexpected solicitor or court fees.