Should I Represent Myself in my Own Divorce?

No one wants to hire a family lawyer. There are family law resources with instructions available for free online. There are various paid resources online that are also made available with instructions on the best ways to represent yourself in a law court.

The free forms of the Supreme Court that are available online are ambiguous and lacking the necessary language for execution and protection. Most divorces are not simply susceptible to filling in the target. It’s not hard to do it wrong, even if it’s an inexperienced lawyer. Ignore important language in a document or use an incorrect language and you probably will not be able to have a solution to the problem after the divorce. If you have a child, real estate, a business, debt (such as credit card debt), or a pension, the consequences can be devastating economically and emotionally. Do it wrong, and that will affect a bankruptcy or a foreclosure action.

Even the best of tutorials will not be able to teach you comprehensively:

  • The Rules of Evidence: The judge can not consider the most vital facts of your case because they do not present them correctly.
  • The Facts about your Judge in Particular: A good lawyer is very familiar with the law and also may know the judge.
  • How to be an Effective Negotiator: Divorce comes with a lot of unprocessed feelings, so most of the times, the negotiations between the spouses are very fragile.
  • The Rules: For lawyers, it is a must to follow the procedures of the acting judges, in particular, the administrative orders issued by the circuits, the rules of civil procedure, the rules of procedure of the Family Court, the jurisprudence and, of course, the statutes.
  • How to be a Litigating Lawyer: You have no idea of what to say in a court or when to speak it out. You do not know what fact is important for the judge and the fact that, although it is very important to you, it is legally irrelevant.
  • How to be Objective: You cannot get rid of the excitement that comes with a case in the family court, because you live through it.

The fact is that a family law case involves the most important legal relationships in your life. You can not afford not to have a good lawyer by your side which is why you need family lawyers in Oakville to help assist you with professional expertise.