Reasons You’ll Be Glad You Hired a DUI Attorney

DUI cases are serious matters. And if you are not represented in court by an attorney, you stand little chance of getting a favorable outcome. Here are the reasons you’ll be glad you hired a dui lawyer castle rock co professional.

Taking a Close Look at All the Evidence

Just because you think you’re in serious trouble because the blood alcohol test shows you were over the limit does not mean you are guilty yet. If you are working with a professional DUI attorney, they know that there are several things to consider before throwing in the towel. Your lawyer will make sure to get a copy of the police dash camera video, to see why the officer pulled you over, how they treated you at the scene, if your rights were upheld, and what field tests were administered. Any small issue with any of these can poke holes in the prosecution’s case.

Understanding the Complexities of the Laws of DUI

The one thing that your DUI attorney brings to the table that you as an individual cannot, is courtroom experience. That experience can benefit your case in several ways. For one, your DUI attorney has been fighting with the prosecutors, the judges, and many of these officers, and there tends to be a little professional courtesy between all parties. Your attorney also understands exactly how far a judge may bend, what type of plea bargain a certain prosecutor will accept, and how to position the case in a way to get a favorable ruling. It only takes one small advantage to get a DUI dropped to a reckless driving, a huge difference when it comes to sentencing time.

Getting the Most Favorable Results

Even if you think the evidence in your DUI case has you in a corner, your DUI attorney knows that there are several ways to get the most favorable results. Your attorney will spend countless hours looking over all the evidence to try and find anything that could help cast some doubt on your case. If all else fails, however, there is still something your attorney can do to help you get from suffering a harsh sentence. By plea bargaining with the prosecutor, you could go from DUI to reckless, a charge with far less in the way of serious penalties.

Being Able to Get the Officer to Speak

Your DUI lawyer knows that in order to get an edge in this case, they need to be able to hear from the mouth of the officer to get an insight as to what happened that night. Your attorney understands the officer will not speak at the trial, so the officer will simply be subpoenaed to appear at the license hearing. This informal hearing is where your attorney will be able to speak to the officer, and although nothing the officer says will impact the hearing, it gives your attorney some information they can use at the trial. If the officer admits to anything, then that will be followed up with at the trial.