Important Tips on How to Pick an Immigration Lawyer

Immigration law is one of the most complex systems that cause so much confusion to so many people. According to the Immigration and the Naturalization Act (INA), by law, they can provide annual worldwide limits of 675,000 permanent immigrated individuals. It’s a delicate case, and the qualifications are staggering and would make it easy for one to get lost.

The best thing to do in this kind of situation is to get an immigration lawyer. Lawyers like Joshua L. Goldstein specialize in handling cases pertaining to immigration and have been known to have a high success rate. Even then, how exactly does a person choose the right lawyer? Below are a few pointers to start with.

Depending on the complexity of the case, the costs for consultation and other related matters in an immigration case may pile up. A legitimate immigration lawyer will be upfront on this topic.

First and foremost, make sure that the immigration lawyer is experienced, certified, and has the training to face the issues regarding immigration. Searching on the American Immigration Lawyers Association database can help in indicating that the immigration lawyer in question is qualified.

A well-reputed immigration lawyer is sensitive and compassionate in protecting their client’s legal rights. Take the time to ask the community how the lawyer in question handles his or her clients. A fast search online may also be helpful in getting important information regarding a lawyer’s reputation.

Immigration deals with very sensitive information, and any immigration lawyer who encourages their clients to write down false information should be avoided at all costs. In cases like this, the client will be in danger of having their immigration record blacklisted and being inadmissible for future applications.


Depending on the sensitivity and urgency of the immigration case, it is important to find an immigration lawyer in your immediate area or one that can be easily reached through online calls.


An immigration lawyer will be privy to very sensitive information, and the trust goes both ways. If a client has finally chosen the immigration lawyer to handle their case, then it would be best to be as open as possible regarding all pertinent information. The attorney-client relationship demands a back-and-forth participation that is important to the success of an immigration case.

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