How Can we Fund Out the Best Criminal Lawyers in Melbourne?

There are many criminal lawyers in Melbourne and it is difficult to find out the best one from them. However, the features of the distinguished defense pleaders in Melbourne can be compared to reach a conclusion. The brief descriptions of the eminent criminal lawyers around Melbourne are given below:

George Sten and company

The team has a fifty years experience (found in 1967) in the criminal law litigation and it is exactly the advantage for them to be in the forefront. They have good idea about the court system and the Judges so that they can turn the clients in such way that the judgment will be in favour of them. The services of the team include:

  1. Affray
  2. Appeals
  3. Bail applications
  4. Centelink fraud
  5. Attempt to murder
  6. Riot
  7. Crimes by white collar
  8. Assault
  9. Drug charges
  10. Charges for Sexual assault
  11. Police matters
  12. Court matters
  13. Laundering of money
  14. Fraud charges
  15. Armed robbery
  16. Dink driving
  17. AVOs
  18. Computer crime

The main feature of the team which makes them different from the other culprit’s attorneys within Melbourne is that the lawyers always pass the information or status of the case to the clients so that they will be kept informed. All the contact information of the team is given in the official website. The lawyers are well experienced in appearing the courts like downing centre, local court, district court, Supreme Court and the appeal courts. The clients can contact the lawyers to get information about their cases in the business hours. But in case of any emergency the team have arranged twenty four hour telephone service. (0412 423 569). The normal charges are fixed for the services. If any basic information has to get for the client the team has arranged an ‘information sheet’ in the official website which is a feature which is not setup by any other offender’s barrister in Melbourne. Most of the areas of the criminal law are explained in those sheets. The Melbourne office is located in Elizabeth Street.

The team members are Maggie Sten, RonnPront, Linda Le, Bianca Barnes, BethaneyDebenham, Natalie Xu, David Randle, John Spencer, Greg Jones, Scott Schaudin, Nicole Caroll and Pauline David. The clients also have a chance to send a message to the lawyers describing the facts of the case (this is not free). The highest quality service is given by the team.

LY Criminal lawyers

The team has a fifty years experience in the litigation field (combined) which makes them the most trusted among the outlaw’s advocates in Melbourne. The main feature of the team is the free consultation offered in the initial stage. The offices of the team are located in Melbourne CBD, Parramatta, Liverpool, Wollongong and Newcastle. The main attraction of the team is that the lawyers are available to appear in the interstate courts also. The service in the twenty four hours in all the seven day by the team is the next advantage over these leading criminal lawyers in Melbourne.


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