Passing on basic health and safety training has become very important in our society today as the death toll and accident rate is increasing exponentially. According to surveys done, about 250 people die with over one million people sustaining injuries worldwide, each year as a result of work-related accidents or illness, especially those who work in the manual handling sector. So, it is now a great priority of employers to help prevent ill health and injury, caused by work, of their employees. 

There are lots of advantages of undertaking Health And Safety Training 
1. Staff are far less likely to get injured or become ill as a result of their work. 
2. It helps develop a healthy and safe environment within the workplace. 
3. It helps to improve employees’ understanding of the importance of being health and safety conscious and promotes safer living as second nature. 
4. It helps companies avoid the financial costs and losses that they have to pay as a result of their employees becoming injured or getting sick at work or as a result of a work-related incident. 

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There are presently many agencies right now that provide training courses in various health and safety courses. These agencies offer great resources and guidelines for health and safety training that can be implemented with the help of in-house trainers, external trainers, public courses, e-learning, and distance learning. Aside from offering training in businesses, they also offer training in schools and run campaigns in this field. According to statistics done, over 120,000 individuals take health and safety course each year. 

It is also of great importance that all organisations (schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments) teach basic first aid training to all their employees, as well as to their pupils/ students. First aid courses given will help in case of accidents, illnesses or injury sustained by providing medical help till professional help arrives.

A typical first aid course consists of simple skills that any individual can be trained to perform. There are two main courses in this field, Emergency First Aid at Work (a one day course that covers the basics like cardiac arrest and severe bleeding) and First Aid at Work (a three-day course covering the broad spectrum of first aid).  Full details for both courses can be found here:

1-day course (Level 2):

3-day course (Level 3):  

The courses listed above are provided by UK Health & Safety Training experts, Food Alert Ltd.