Expectations With The Divorce Lawyer

So, you’ve got to a point in your marriage where you realize it’s over.  Whether that’s due to infidelity, it just ran its course, or you wish to seek an annulment as you don’t want the label of “divorcee” over your head.

Divorces and annulments happen every day.  Some may find it shameful as well as a complicated situation, especially if there are children, pets or property involved.  Once the choice has been made to end the marriage, you can’t walk away entirely until you’ve completed all the necessary legalities of the circumstances.  At this point, this is where you would bring in a divorce lawyer.

They will want to identify related information, for example, when the marriage started, who chose to end it and the reasons behind that.  A divorce lawyer has to be impartial, especially if both parties ended it amicably and therefore wish to continue to be diplomatic about the proceedings.

Your first appointment with a divorce lawyer can be daunting to the point of intimidating.  They will walk you through a “Strategy”; this is everything that will happen from the first meeting all the way to the final day.  Due to court schedules and various settlements, divorces are a slow process, and this can sometimes cause much frustration and, in some cases, more emotional upset for either party. Co-operation from both sides will ensure a quicker finish.

With your divorce lawyer, you will have to inform them of your finances, like any debts or assets as they will have to work out each division.  If children are involved, typically an agreement would have to be met which benefits the interest and welfare of each child in the situation. Should a lawyer be unsuccessful at coming to an affable arrangement, it may be a recommendation to seek advice and guidance from a mediator.

Each divorce is different: you may have had friends or family advise specific approaches, but then your lawyer advises otherwise. Though loved ones mean well, you should always listen to the professional.  They have to tread just as delicately and can see a way to the outcome without a biased viewpoint.  With this skill, your lawyer may suggest a discovery process; a simple set of questions exchanged between each client to ensure a smoother completion.

Divorce lawyers are experts in civil law; they know how to manage disputes, so it is essential you find one with strong interpersonal and listening skills.  You should stay clear of any that attempt to make the proceedings unnecessarily tricky because should your case go to court, you could end up losing everything in the long run, which was not your original intentions.

As long as you don’t withhold potentially damaging information such as hidden finances from your lawyer, divorces and annulments can be a liberating experience.  Shaking off the shackles from what was once an unhappy life is what most clients essentially seek when hiring a divorce lawyer, and they are there to help do just that.