Ensure Safety At Work With Soni Law – employment lawyers in toronto

Whenever you are working for an organization, you will often notice that the employer tends to make you work more than the stipulated assignments. This is the natural trend among most of the employers. The employment laws are made to ensure the wellbeing of the workers at their workplace. You can file a lawsuit against your employer the moment you feel that there is some wrongdoing that has made you suffer. The laws have considerably reduced the number of threats at the workplace. You will never feel vulnerable once you know exactly when you can apply such rules.

Minimum wage concept

You need a minimum amount of money to support your family and provide them with the necessities of life. If you are daily labor, then your wage must be such that you can feed yourself and the family and save some money after that. But if your payment is too low, you will have to sleep hungry. There will be no scope for saving excess cash as there will always be a deficit of minimum requirement. So the laws have fixed a minimum wage for the workers below which an employer cannot hire a worker. If you are not getting that amount, claim for compensation immediately.

Health-related safety measures

The employment laws have strict regulations regarding the physical environment and condition of the workstation. If you are involved with using heavy and complicated machinery that might injure you, there is a law to ensure your safety. Any harm at work area will be the liability of the owner of the company. You can seek legal help from Soni Law – employment lawyers in Toronto if you think that the continuous high temperature at the factory is not under control and is causing severe physical harm. Even long duty hours and probable chemical hazards are a grave offense in the employment law sector.

Prevention of child labor

Probably one of the most ghastly activities, recruiting children to work at dangerous sites has been standard practice for employers especially during the period of financial depression. It is easy to hire these children who are ready to do anything in exchange for money. The children are sometimes ten sole bread- earner of the family. Employers have misused their helplessness and made them work for little wages. The laws strictly prohibit child labor. If you ever see any children working before reaching the standard age, report the case quickly to nearest law enforcing authority.