Are you fearing denial of your Social Security Disability compensation?

Rejections and denials are very heart-breaking. It is worst when a disable person who is longing to get some help from his social security disability compensation, receives the denial notice from the social security administration.

In the state of complete or partial disability, one might lose the sense of thinking straight and might not be able to line out the proper procedure for applying their social security disability claims. There are so many different things to figure out – correct type of claim, documentation, calculating appropriate compensation amount, who to submit the application, and other complex situations.

Awareness is a key here; you must know your rights and rules. Read authentic information from the official site of social security disability resource center to clear out doubts, if any. They have listed useful writing related to your application for disability in Illinois

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Planning and hiring an experienced social security attorneywill won you half the battle.

Authority who will be paying you compensation

In the absence of private insurance policies, social security disability will be compensated through two programs

  1. Social Security Disability Insurance program (DIB)
  2. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Each of these have their own set of rules for approving disability claims.

DIB approves benefits claim by the amount a person has contributed by way of their income taxes to the federal system. The calculations are made based on their rule of law.

While the SSI is more of a needs-based program. It does not require your previous work experience or tax contribution to consider your application for claim settlement.

Consulting an attorney may help you decide the appropriate authority to move your application with. Rockford personal injury attorney are specialists in personal injury claim from private and social security authorities. Their legal knowledge and years of experience will help in lowering your fear related to denial of your claims.


It is also vital to know how much compensation one must claim. You can consider certain factors which will help in coming up with an appropriate claim figure:

  • The medical expenses that are either paid or will be paid in the future medical treatment
  • The weekly or monthly wages that you are losing due to disability conditions.
  • Your credibility as an income tax payer.
  • If you were the primary wage earner, then the claim amount might vary than that of the others.

Each claim applicant’s situation is different. The SSI and DIB has a set of pre-defined criteria to decide the approval and denial of claim applications.

How application is processed

When social security office successfully approves your disability claim, it is sent to a state disability determination services agency or DDS. The primary function of the agency is to obtain the medical evidence of the disability and ascertain the ways and extent to which the claimant is functionally limited, either physically or mentally, or both. The examination is done by considering non-medical and medical grounds.

The agency refers to the pre-defined listing. A listing is simply a physical or mental medical condition listed in the SSA list of disabling impairments. It is a printed book which can be recognized as the blue book.

The listings help in quick decisions, though the agency reserves the right for rejection.

Reconsideration appeal is always an option

With all the correct preparations, the application may get rejected. According to reports, around 71% applications are rejected in their initial claim application. But good news is, one can re-submit the application after considering the fault.

Submit a request for reconsideration.  It is a first appeal and will go through all those phases as was your last rejected application.

Remember to request for reconsideration within the 60 days, counting from the date of the denial, or it will be considered untimely.

The genuine claims are passed with no hassle at all. But care must also be taken to go through the proper legal documentation format. This can also become a reason for rejection. Research the list of attorneys and firm in Rockford area and hire the experienced one to represent on your behalf.