An Experienced Disability Attorney Has an Extremely Positive Effect on Disability Cases

Filing a disability claim can be a very long and difficult process. Many individuals do not realize a disability lawyer works on a contingency basis. This mean unless the attorney secures benefits there is no charge for the services. The fee comes out of the back payments paid by social security and not the persons bank account. Most initial disability claims are denied and end up going to a hearing. The claimant must make their case before an ALJ or administrative law judge. Unless this person is extremely familiar with the law they will be unable to develop their case properly. 

An experienced disability lawyer understands exactly how to prepare their cases. They have the advantage of being familiar with the rules and regulations for Social Security Disability. They have worked so many cases they have learned the expertise necessary to win. Disability attorney services Baton Rouge LA have invaluable SSI and SSDI claim experience. They know which conditions the judges are looking for, which medical tests need to be ordered and the right questions to ask the physicians. This level of expertise can make the difference between winning and losing the case. 

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The fact disability attorneys accept their cases on a contingency basis means they have even more motivation to win. If they lose the case, they do not get paid. They take numerous important steps including tracking down the necessary test results and medical records and they get detailed statements from their client’s doctors. When it is time for the hearing the disability lawyer already understands the prior rulings and regulations necessary for the disability process. For additional details please visit here

A individual can win a disability case at an ALJ hearing without an attorney but their chances are greatly reduced. A disability lawyer is often the critical element needed to win a disability claim. A survey was conducted in the United States regarding individuals attending an ALJ hearing with and without an attorney. An attorney was hired by 71 percent of these individuals. Fifty percent of the claimants with an attorney won their cases and were approved for benefits. Of the claimants without a lawyer, 77 percent lost their case and were not approved for benefits. 

Attending a hearing without an attorney is placing the future livelihood established by disability benefits at risk. The length of time it takes to reach the point of attending a hearing is often extremely long without a lawyer. Paying a lawyer a percentage of the backpay they ensured the individual receives is well worth the money. If the case is appealed in a federal court a lawyer is required. For more details please visit this link

Even if a claimant wins their case without an attorney they may not obtain the best possible results. The amount of backpay received is dependent on the disability onset date. In many cases an experienced disability attorney can prove a much earlier disability onset date. This means if the lawyer is successful the amount of backpay obtained will significantly increase.